Mr. King Lung attended the 2013 TV Interview of Fujian private Enterprises

date:2014-4-6    read:899 times

    On the evening of July,23, the 2013 TV interview of Fujian private enterprises was held in the hall of Fujian, and more than 100 Fujian businessmen came together and talked about the China Dream. Mr. King Lung, Mr. Cao Dewang and other famous entrepreneurs were interviewed as the representatives of Fujian businessmen. On the interview, they shared the dreams of themselves and the dreams of enterprises and the country. CFO Mrs. Jin was also present at the interview and listened to their statements.
    The entrepreneurs said that China Dream was closely related to the development of every Fujian businessman. In the interview, they talked freely about their dreams in their youth and in their hard pioneering days and in nowadays .As to the topic of how to realize their dreams, the enterprise plans at different stages were mentioned by all the entrepreneurs, what is more, they said that they will help promote China’s economic development and realize China’s dream through the process of realizing their individual dreams.
    In spite of the serious economic situation and the challenges which the enterprises were facing, the representatives said that they didn’t worry about the difficulties because they had confidence and dreams. In the future, the urbanization strategy will be put into effect and the domestic demands will be released as well, furthermore, the market will be expanded so that more opportunities will be provided for private enterprise. Also, non-public sectors of the economy were taken into account by the government and the relevant supportive policies were published successively, which help promote the progress of private enterprises.
    The entrepreneurs said that their dreams were also the important parts of China’s dream, and they will devote their intelligence and strength to the construction of Fujian with greater enthusiasm and stronger sense of historical responsibility.